Arthritis myths

There are many other musculo-skeletal conditions, such a tenosynovitis and bursitis, which can also produce pain around the joints.  It’s important to get the correct diagnosis, particularly since many of these conditions have a better outcome if treated early.

The use of both cold and heat are beneficial for the symptoms of arthritis. Applying ice at night can ease joint inflammation arising from daily activities. Applying heat in the morning can relax the muscles that move stiff joints.  So use whichever you find most comfortable and effective!

Work tasks or habits may need to be changed when you have arthritis, but the diagnosis doesn't equal a lifetime of crippling disability or ending up in a wheelchair.

This myth may have been truer years ago,  but with the currently available treatments, and help from occupational therapists and health professionals many people with arthritis can keep working with only minimal changes to their work environment.