Hydrotherapy is the use of water for exercise, and differs from swimming because it involves special exercises in warm water (usually about 32C to 35C) no swimming is involved. It is worth giving it a try as it can make a real difference to your strength and stamina.

The classes are supervised by a qualified physiotherapist and also a qualified assistant. There can be up to 7 members in each group. There will always be a qualified physiotherapist in the water at all times. On your first visit you will be asked for a brief medical history.

The pool is situated in the Royal Berkshire Hospital and it is accessible with steps and hand rails. There is a hoist if required.

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Classes are booked in blocks of 6 sessions.  Although there is no maximum number of sessions you can attend, because of the popularity of this therapy, we regret that sometimes we may have to ask you to stand down temporarily, once you have completed a block of 6 sessions, so that as many people as possible can benefit.


Monday evenings three one hour sessions from 5 – 8pm.

Although we do subsidise the classes there is a charge £7.00 per session. For insurance purposes you must be a member of Arthritis Matters in order to take part.

Parking: there are a small number of disabled spaces near the pool and round the RBH site (see map). Non-badge parking available in the multi-story carpark, parking in Redlands Road is metered.

What our Members say ...

After a session in the pool, I feel as though my whole body has had a workout, and I come away feeling relaxed, albeit a bit tired.”  HG

“It relieves the constant pain of arthritis, and because my body is supported in water it is able to do movements which I can only dream of on land” SW

“My shoulders were really stiff and painful when I went in the pool yesterday, but afterwards they had completely loosened up and were so much better.”   GT

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